Successful business managers know the importance of time management. Concentrate your time and efforts on your business and let Michael Hagerty Online Internet Marketing Consultant provide you with a complete, professional website and Internet presence.

 Global Web DesignWeb Design

Get rid of that lame "business card" website and replace it with a state-of-the-art site that brings new customers and increases sales from your existing customers. Customized web solutions to fit Your Business....Learn More

 Global Search Engine RankingsSearch Engine Rankings

The fundamental key to web traffic is high search engine rankings and especially local search ranking that caters directly to your immediate market area. We can provide you with top search engine listings...Learn More

 Global Web VideoWeb Video

It's a proven fact that videos have the ability to stir the emotional, buying "hot buttons" of viewers. Just look at the billions of dollars spent on TV advertising! We can produce and distribute videos that allow viewers to experience your products or services...Learn More

 Global eCommerce SetupeCommerce

Open your business doors to the world by offering your products and services online! We can provide the most cost effective solutions for presenting your products to the world and automatically generating online sales. Complete shopping cart solutions...Learn More

 Global Web ConsultingConsulting

We look at the big picture and how Internet technologies can be utilized to expand your customer base. We also look for ways you can increase the lifetime value of each of your customers. Glacier Technologies uncovers opportunities and opens marketing channels for businesses so they can expand and grow by fully utilizing the Internet....Learn More

 Global Website HostingHosting

Every website needs dependable high speed hosting. Our servers boast a 99.999% uptime with both RAID and offsite backup options. We can even provide high bandwidth as well as streaming video or audio online feeds...Learn More

Why Having a Website is Important:
  • A website can increase sales and introduce your business to new customers
  • Provides an informational portal to your business 24/7
  • Allows you to share information and advice in your speciality
  • Expands your marketing reach regionally and globally
  • Permits you to foster a online relationship with your customers
  • Having a website is one of the best ways to grow your business
  • A Website can answer the same questions over and over and over....Automatically!
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