Start Profiting from Online Sales

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Online Marketing Done Right can Massively Increase Sales

Open your business doors to the entire world by selling your products and services online! Why limit your sales to only those people who can walk through your doors during regular business hours? By establishing an online presence that is e-commerce enabled, you can sell your goods and services twenty four hours a day - seven days a week - all year long.

While most businesses already accept credit cards in their place of business, setting up a website to take credit cards for purchases requires a different type of merchant account. Online payment processing involves security and encryption requirements. This involves specialized coding to keep both the merchant's and customers' information completely secure.

At Michael Hagerty Online Marketing , we look closely at your firm's anticipated volume of sales, the number of items you offer and the types of products and services you want to market online. We then identify the best payment processing solution for your business or organization.

We provide complete e-commerce services including credit card merchant accounts, shopping carts, online catalogs, SSL certificates, 128/256 bit encryption, Paypal and Google Checkout Systems setups. We can fully automate the entire online payment processing system for you.

Whether you just want to sell a few items or you want a full blown catalog with thousands of items and a shopping cart, Michael Hagerty Online Marketing can provide the expertise and programming that will make your online store a reality. We handle all of the technical issues so you're free to focus exclusively on filling the new orders you receive.  Contact Us Today and Let's Get Started!

Why Having a Website is Important:
  • A website can increase sales and introduce your business to new customers
  • Provides an informational portal to your business 24/7
  • Allows you to share information and advice in your speciality
  • Expands your marketing reach regionally and globally
  • Permits you to foster a online relationship with your customers
  • Having a website is one of the best ways to grow your business
  • A Website can answer the same questions over and over and over....Automatically!
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